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Commands and Phrases

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ArigatoThank you
Arigato gozaimasuThank you very much
Do itashimas'teYou're welcome
Go no senAfter the attack. Block and counter.
Ikken hissatsuTo defeat an opponent with one blow (lit. one fist, certain kill)
Karate ni sente nashiThere is no first attack in karate
MawatteTurn around
MokusoQuiet meditation
Onegai shimasuPlease teach me
Oss / OsuAn enthusiastic yes; I will do my best; I will do my best to follow
Otagai ni Toward each other
Otagai ni reiBow to each other
Otagai ni taishiFace each other
ReiBow with Respect
Sen no senAttack the attack. Be faster than your opponent. 
Sensei ni reiBow to Teacher
Sen sen no senAttack before the attack. Take initiative. 
Shomen ni reiBow to the front
Shomen ni taishiFace to the front
ShugoLine up, gather together
YameStop, Finish
YoiReady, Attention