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Niju Kun

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  1. Karate-do begins and ends with a bow.

  2. There is no first attack in karate.

  3. Karate stands on the side of justice.

  4. First know yourself, then know others.

  5. Spirit is more important than technique.

  6. Free the mind.

  7. Trouble is born of negligence.

  8. Karate goes beyond the dojo.

  9. Karate is a lifelong pursuit.

  10. Apply the way of karate to all things. Therein lies its beauty.

  11. Karate is like boiling water; without heat, it returns to its tepid state.

  12. Do not think of winning. Think, rather, of not losing.

  13. Move according to your opponent.

  14. Victory depends on proper strategy.

  15. Think of hands and feet as swords.

  16. When you leave your home, you face a million enemies.

  17. Formal stances are for beginners; later, one stands naturally.

  18. Do the kata correctly, the real fight is a different matter.

  19. Do not forget control of the dynamics of power, the expansion or contraction of the body, the swift or leisurely application of technique.

  20. Be constantly mindful, diligent, and resourceful, in your pursuit of the Way.