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True karate comes from Bushido (Way of the Samurai), which comes from Zen (emptiness, meditation). In true karate, the body, mind, and spirit — the whole person — must be developed simultaneously. The harmonious unity of mind and body is intensely powerful, defeating the most formidable enemy. Master Funakoshi laid out these principles to guide karateka to a better life, advising respect, humility, compassion, patience, awareness, and both an inward and outward calmness. These attributes, and the wisdom, understanding, and peaceful strength they promote, are some of karate’s greatest gifts.

Dojo Kun

Kun simply means "rules." These five principles are recited after every class, all around the world. 

Niju Kun

Master Funakoshi sought to pass down more than five teachings. He created the Niju Kun, Twenty Precepts of Karate, deeply rooted in Bushido and Zen.